Controlled Substance Abuse & Alcohol Misuse Training Guide for Transportation Supervisors

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The Drug and Alcohol Regulations state that each supervisor must receive 60 minutes of training for Substance Abuse determinations and 60 minutes of training for Alcohol Misuse determinations (Reasonable Suspicion Training) for a total of 120 minutes.

This Supervisor Manual contains all of the latest information available to train and teach your supervisors how to spot substance abuse or alcohol misuse at your workplace, and how to deal with it effectively and properly.This Manual is a must for every supervisor at your company to help them make these determinations contemporaneously, as it is happening, as is federally required. The more Supervisors you train, the better chance you have of handling a Reasonable Suspicion determination to test immediately vs. waiting for only the ONE Supervisor that is trained. When used in conjunction with the supervisor training videos, this meets the DOT requirements for 120 minutes of training for supervisors.

Every company that must adhere to the federal D.O.T. drug & alcohol testing rules must have at least ONE supervisor trained to:

1. Determine the indicators of controlled substance use and alcohol use/misuse;

2. Make the determination to test;

3. Document all determinations to test in the required time frame and;

4. Ensure all steps are followed correctly all the way from the actual determination to test - through to ensuring the test is conducted within the required time frame!