Drug Abuse and Alcohol Misuse Training Guide for CDL Drivers

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You must provide this material to EVERY driver you have (and also notify each covered applicant what testing they are subject to and under which authority). ORDER one book for each of your drivers to satisfy each of these requirements.

The DOT Alcohol and Drug Regulations known as 49 CFR, Part 382, mandates that all commercial drivers receive information regarding the alcohol and drug regulations, testing procedures and consequences for positive tests. The regulations state that ALL commercial drivers must receive this information IN WRITING BEFORE they are ever subjected to testing. And, lastly, the regulations state that drivers must sign a certification that they have received this material in writing, and the certification must be in their file.

This training guide meets ALL of the DOT requirements. Both the English and Spanish versions are 41 pages long, comply completely with the training requirements and contain a drivers receipt and certification, which, when signed by the driver, should be placed into the Drivers Qualification File as required (Booklet also available in Spanish).